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Is baking one of your passions or are you a professional baker?
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Premium Bread Scoring Lame

Every set comes with 5 Additional Replacement Blades and a Leather Protective Cover for the Lame in use:

Get your own Top-Quality Dough Scoring Tool

designed for Artisan Bread Bakers

We want you to look around and observe that a family bakery or this passion can be a way to not only make a living but allows family members to bond together and build stronger relationships as the result is an icon of food culture. There are several things you can do to have the best results in your kitchen, so we here at Pradlar want to help you own the best products on the market.

With continuous research and attention-to-detail we present to you the newest design bread scoring tool that will bring precision to your hands so you will master your signature on each dough that is prepared to go in the oven.
As you already know, speed and confidence matter when it comes to bread scoring and with it`s easy grip handle, our bread scoring lame will quickly and decisively slash your dough. Our dough scoring tool is made of highest quality materials and uses replaceable double edge blades, each package having 5 blades included besides the one already pre-mounted, a protective leather cover for the lame in use and the assembly instructions.


Designed with a hand crafted wooden handle that fits comfortable in the grip of your hand, the Pradlar bread scoring lame has a stainless-steel stick fitted with a sharp razor blade that will give you the ultimate experience while using the best bread scorer that allows you to make the accurate and precise cut, the baker's signature.


This double edge lame bread slashing tool is a must have and represents the perfect alternative to replace the old sharp dough knife often used as the bakers scoring knife.

TOP-Rated GIFT FOR Artisan bread makers!

Our set contains a bread lame dough scoring tool with a lame installed, 5 extra double edge blades and a hand-made protective leather cover. Being always prepared will enable you to bake beautiful breads. Enjoy as soon as you see them coming out of the bread proofer or while you take the lid of your bread cloche.

Bread Scoring Like A Pro

Pradlar`s bread lame razor, one of the best bread scoring tools on the market, comes with a FREE Online eBook full of tips and tricks to help you get consistently great baking results. Just get your bread baking supplies and bread making tools ready as your dough cutter is at a few clicks away. Choose our premium bread scoring tool and you won't regret this choice.

Because we care for sharing a part of the culture and history of bread baking we are sure you will enjoy reading the eBook that is specially prepared for you and that you will receive for Free with any order. This way you will understand how we got to today’s bread as we all know it.

All our friends wanted to put their hand on this information as you will feel the importance of not losing this tradition over generations. Let’s not get into more details as we are sure we already have your attention.

Today, artisan bread making is very popular not only at home but among small and medium sized bread bakeries. The best thing about artisan bread making is that traditional methods and local ingredients are used.


We pride ourselves on providing top quality products and amazing United States based customer service. We created our Premium Bread Dough Tools with continuous research and attention-to-detail to provide the most rewarding baking experience. You can ADD the bread lame to your cart with total peace of mind, knowing that if you aren’t 110% HAPPY with your purchase, we’ll provide you a FULL refund.