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Premium Bread Scoring Lame

6 Blades and Leather Protective Cover Included


Top Quality Dough Scoring Tool for Artisan Bread Bakers


Designed with a hand crafted wooden handle that fits comfortable in the grip of your hand, the Pradlar bread scoring lame has a stainless-steel stick fitted with a sharp razor blade that will give you the ultimate experience while using the best bread scorer allowing you to make the accurate and precise cut, the baker's signature.


This double edge lame bread slashing tool is a must have and represents the perfect alternative to replace the old sharp knife often used as scoring knife. TOP-Rated GIFT FOR Artisan bread makers.
Our stainless-steel stick is specially designed to lock and hold the concave shaped blade in place. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant. The stainless steel that we use is able to withstand acids, alkaline solutions and even chlorine solutions. It also can resist atmospheric and pure water conditions so it can be used in any kitchen or bakery. The bread scoring lame is very easy to clean. This allows you to adhere to strict hygiene conditions which is a must for our bakers.


- a bread lame dough scoring tool with a lame installed

- 5 extra double edge blades

- and a hand-made protective leather cover.

Pradlar's Dough Scoring Set will enable you to bake beautiful breads.
Enjoy as soon as you see them coming out of the bread proofer or while you take the lid of your bread cloche.


Pradlar`s bread lame razor, one of the best bread making tools, comes with a FREE Online Ebook full of tips and tricks to help you get consistently great baking results. Just get your bread baking supplies and bread making tools ready as your dough cutter is at a few click away. Choose our premium bread scoring tool and you won't regret this choice.


We pride ourselves on providing top quality products and amazing United States based customer service.
We created our Premium Bread Dough Tools with continuous research and attention-to-detail to provide the most rewarding baking experience.

You can ADD the bread lame to your cart with total peace of mind, knowing that if you aren’t 110% HAPPY with your purchase, we’ll provide you a FULL refund.

A vast majority of the people assume that bread making is easy,
that all one has to do is mix the necessary ingredients, place the fermented dough in the oven and voila:
you have perfect bread!

Well, in order to be this way, our products come along!

The first few steps are ok – mixing ingredients and fermentation but between proofing and the bread being ready, there is a crucial step that every baker must adhere to, and that is bread scoring.

Bread scoring is the action that a baker takes while using a Bread Scoring Toot in order to slash the top of the loaves before they are baked. As a result, the process helps to prevent cracking or bursting. It is important to understand that the process also adds a decorative element to the bread and that is why bakers are known to score bread with their unique scoring pattern.
As a baker, the premium hand-crafted bread lame is the perfect bread scoring tool for you. A lame, pronounced as “lahm”, is a double-sided blade used by bakers to slash the top of bread dough just before it’s placed in the oven. The blade has a concave shape that will enable you to cut a slash. If you make the proper slash at the correct angle, you will influence how the bread blooms. This will also influence the appearance and form of the bread.
There is something quite marvelous about a hand crafted wooden handle. Maybe it’s the shapes crafted onto the handle or it’s the feel of the handle in the hands of a master craftsman. Regardless, handcrafted wooden handles are advantageous over plastic or even steel handles, aspect that will make surely make you feel special when using the premium handcrafted tool.
For starters, they are green. Less energy is used during crafting unlike in a mass production assembly line where plastic or steel is used. This gives it an amorphous air of authenticity about it and it’s the reason why many people will opt to shell out more just to own a handcrafted product like a premium bread lame. As a result, you will get to feel special when using the handcrafted tool.

The handle is unique since it’s handcrafted. Using handcrafted products helps to promote the artisan community. As a result, skilled workers get to continue to use their talent to produce high quality and unique products. The use of wood and the rounded edges help to improve grip and give the handle a nice feel.

Replaceable blades

Our set contains 5 additional blades besides the one that is pre-installed. The blades that will be used in a concave shape are made from stainless steel and are specially designed to help you make the perfect cut. Our premium quality bread scoring tool allows you to replace the razor blades fast, easy and the instructions that are quite simple will help you do it in the safest manner.
In order to prevent accidents, each set comes with a leather protective cover. Thanks to the sturdy construction of the premium bread lame, you are assured of a tool that will perform exceedingly well. You will end up making the correct cuts at the correct angle. In the end, your loaves of bread will end up blooming as you wanted.
Speed and confidence matter when it comes to bread scoring. If the sharp blade drags along the dough, the end result will not be smooth but if the cuts are made in a speedy manner, the end results will be great. The good news is that you can avoid the bad cuts by using our bread scoring lame, a tool that is recommended for professional bakers.

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Want to know why you should opt for a bread lame?

Here is why:


Easy to make decorative cuts

Every baker has his or her own signature pattern he or she would like to incorporate. It can either be a straight slash, the wheat stalk, tic tac toe (3 by 3 grid), the cross and even a leaf among others. With a pair of scissors, it is difficult to make any of the above patterns. If possible, the end result will not be great.
With a sharp knife, you may complete some of the patterns like the double slash on your batard, the cross on your boule or even the tic tac toe pattern.
If you want great results, use our bread lame. Why? We designed our bread lame, so you can make swift, smooth and decorative cuts on your dough. You can vary the depth of the cuts with ease. In addition, our bread lame enables you to make even cuts much easier than a pair of scissors or a sharp knife with the precision that it brings.

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